Subcommittee on Aviation

The Subcommittee on Aviation has jurisdiction over all aspects of civil aviation, including safety, infrastructure, labor, and international issues.  This jurisdiction covers all Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) programs, except for research activities, which are within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Science.  In addition, the Subcommittee has jurisdiction over the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”).  This jurisdiction is shared with the other subcommittees of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (“T&I Committee”), but the Aviation Subcommittee has traditionally taken the lead on this issue.  Other areas of the Subcommittee’s jurisdiction include the Essential Air Service (“EAS”) program and the war risk insurance program.

Since 2001, the Subcommittee has exercised jurisdiction over transportation security, including programs administered by the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”), which is within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”).  The Subcommittee will continue to exercise oversight jurisdiction, in cooperation with the Committee on Homeland Security, over TSA’s aviation security programs, and the impact that such security measures may have on the aviation industry.  Issues under the Aviation Subcommittee’s jurisdiction include:


  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Air Traffic Control Modernization
  • Use of the Navigable Airspace
  • Airport Improvement Program Grants
  • Airport Capacity/Environment
  • Aviation Safety
  • Aviation Antitrust Issues
  • Commercial Aviation
  • General Aviation
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Air Carrier Operations
  • Essential Air Service for Small Communities
  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • International Aviation
  • War Risk Insurance
  • Aviation Labor and the Railway Labor Act
  • Aviation Security, including the Transportation Security Administration